There are many different ways to start a fire. From wood to starters, we have seen them all as a chimney sweep. 

Here are 5 of the weirdest ones we have seen!

We will also touch on if they are safe or not. Some are just too kitschy! 

KFC Fireplace Log

This log has 11 herbs and spices! Well, sorta. It gives off the apparent aroma of fried chicken and has the nostalgic feel of Sunday dinner. The reviews are mixed though. Many claim it no longer smells like fried chicken once lit. 

Relatively speaking, they are pretty safe. Personally, I wouldn’t pay the price for them but hey, it is your money.


KFC Fire log

Fruit Cake Fire Log

Okay, okay. This is not an actual fire log but, the packaging is hilarious and well, you could wrap everyone’s gifts inside it! 

Java Fire Log

A fire log made out of spent coffee grounds? Does it smell like coffee when burning? Nope. Do we love the idea to save the environment? Yes.

This is a safe thing to burn and actually produces less creosote. Though, it does have a higher moisture content. 

Whiskey Woods Firestarter

This firestarter makes claims that they are a natural product to help start fires. 

This can be an effective way to start fires safer than ignition (which you should never use) 

Extreme Mystical Fire, Colorful Flames

These make colorful flames with various chemicals. They are not a great idea to use due to the amount of chemicals inside of them. 


While there are many fire logs and starters on the market, make sure to consult a chimney expert on the safety of these items before using them.