Often, as homeowners with fireplaces, we wonder if what we are burning is safe. It is simple mistakes that can leave our homes in danger. 

Here are some reasons why oak is the best wood to burn!

Is oak a hardwood?

Oak is considered a hardwood. 

A tree is considered hardwood if the types of seeds it produces are coated in a hard shell. Trees such as oak produce acorns. 

Why should I use oak wood

Example of quality oak wood that is well seasoned and ready to burn

Oak wood burns at warmer temperatures. This is a benefit to those of us using fireplaces. Burning wood that burns hotter than others helps prevent the build up of creosote inside the chimney flue. 

Oak wood is also heavily available in most locations making it a more economical solution as a source of fuel. 

Why does oak burn the longest?

Oak wood is known to many fire enthusiasts to be a long burning wood. This is because it is a harder wood than others, causing it to not only burn hotter but also cleaner.

Oak is known to be a very effective fire conductor because of its properties. 

Oak also does not throw a lot of sparks and that makes it a safer and more effective wood to burn if it is properly seasoned. 

Does oak burn fast?

Oak wood is a wood type that burns slower due to the makeup of the wood composition. This makes it ideal for a slower burn.

Burning a wood with a slower burn helps create less smoke, less creosote, and overall saves you money!

What wood should you not burn?

There is a few wood types you should not burn:

  • Pine
  • Heavy resin producing woods
  • Treated wood
  • Furniture
  • Woods that may produce fumes


Oak wood is a fantastic option to burn inside your fireplace for many reasons. Some of which includes, less smoke, hotter burn, and more efficiency.