These logs are often marketed as a way to remove creosote. Many purchase them as a means at stopping the build-up of creosote from your chimney and often make claims you will never need a chimney sweep again. 

 Here we will answer the age old question “Do creosote sweeping logs work?” 

The answer here is really simple. Nope. In fact, they can be dangerous to burn.

What is creosote?

Creosote is a by-product from burning logs. Overtime, it will build up inside your chimney and cause a major fire hazard. The safest and most effective way to fix this issue is to call a local chimney sweep—link to us. 

Can I sweep my own chimney?

While many choose to go this route, it can be a real issue. You can cause damage to your chimney and if done improperly, may not even remove the build-up from your chimney. 

Will Creosote Sweeping Logs Remove Soot?

To answer this question we must first explain how they work. These logs work by producing acid that is said to melt the creosote, but in reality the acid can erode at the silica within your mortar.

This can cause a major dilemma and be more costly in the long haul. Eventually, the bricks in your fireplace will fall and break and you will need to have them repaired. Other problems include:

  • Health concerns with the fumes
  • Environmental concerns
  • Making future cleanings harder

It is with these in mind that we cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend cleaning logs. 


Here at Let’s Talk Chimneys we do not recommend the use of cleaning logs. They are not safe nor effective to use.